What is a PNR?
Passenger Name Record is a unique number that identifies your booking. Indian Railways (and hence IRCTC) has a 10-digit numeric PNR number. PNR is per ticket and not per person.

Where to find my PNR?
On a paper ticket issued in a railway booking counter or IRCTC i-ticket, the PNR number is on the top left of the ticket. The number is usually split into 3-7 (e.g. 432-1234567). On an IRCTC e-ticket, this comes as a message alert to your mobile and is also found in the top left box of the first table in your ticket.

What is "chart not prepared" status?
The final reservation chart for a train is prepared typically couple of hours before its departure. In case of early morning or late night trains, this may be prepared much earlier during the previous night itself. The significance of this status to a reservation status is because of the fact that your reservation status could change any time until chart is prepared. Though very rare, it does happen that an RAC ticket go back to wait-listed status. It is also possible as per Railways that a ticket that moved from WL to CNF can move back to RAC or WL. This will not happen for a ticket which was CNF during booking itself.

What does different status codes mean?
Here is a list of various codes and its meanings.

CAN/MODCancelled or Modified Passenger
CNF / ConfirmedConfirmed (Coach/Berth number will be available after chart preparation)
RACReservation Against Cancellation
WL #Waiting List Number
RLWLRemote Location Wait List
GNWLGeneral Wait List
PQWLPooled Quota Wait List
REGRET/WLNo More Booking Permitted
RELEASEDTicket Not Cancelled but Alternative Accommodation Provided
R# #RAC Coach Number Berth Number
Can I check PNR Status via SMS?
Yes, the below methods are available to check PNR Status through SMS

Send PNR [pnr-number] to 139
e.g. PNR 4564564567

You may send the SMS to these numbers also, in same format: 54959, 5676747
Note that standard messaging charges might apply for the above messages. 

Can I check PNR Status via a phone call?
Yes, you can call 139 to check PNR status, availability, trains between stations and fare details.

Do you guys store PNR number that are entered here?
No. Nope. Nada. We do not save the PNR number or any information that you enter here. In fact, this application does not even have a data repository. PNR numbers are saved as cookies in your system for convenience. 

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